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Ivy 0.9 : Free 3ds max plugin to make branches and creepers

Posted by 3dnews on August 26, 2008

ivy from guruware

Ivy from Guruware is a TreeBranches growing system. You can fill your courtyard with leaves spread around to make exteriors filled with creepers such as moneyplant. Ivy works as a plugin for 3ds max and very helpful to generate leaves on the fly.

version 0.9b changes:
– fixed: non-visible deselected ivy at age=0 (since 3ds max 2009)
– fixed: bug in preset-loader (leaf-size was never read)
– fixed: bug in root-mesh creation (diameter of crossections was wrong for last 3 nodes of a branch)
– fixed: branches had flipped uv’s
– removed: “visible edges” option (produced too much confusion)
– new: age can be adjusted beyond iterations of growth, age is shown in bold if above iterations
– new: pickable leaf geometry (any geom. object, helpers or linked geometry with materials and multiple map-channels)
– new: transform override for referenced leaves

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2 Responses to “Ivy 0.9 : Free 3ds max plugin to make branches and creepers”

  1. christian said


  2. christian said

    for utilization with 3ds max 9 and hight performance in the modelation

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