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Film 2012 : Job Posts for 3ds max users at ScanlineVFX

Posted by 3dnews on August 28, 2008

2012 scanlinevfx

2012 scanlinevfx

There are several open posts available for 3ds max expert users at ScanlineVFX LA for Roland Emmerich’s “2012” new special effects film. Below are the available posts

CG Supervisors
Compositing Supervisor
Senior Effects TD’s
Junior Effects TD’s

Matte Painter
Generalist Technical Director
Senior Compositor
Junior Compositor
Environmental Modelor
Tech Animators
Pipeline Developer
Systems Administrator
I/O Coordinators
Render Wrangler

ScanlineVFX has produced the cutting edge Special effect films such as 300, Narnia: Prince Caspian, Ironman, Invasion and Poseidon.. so for those who are talented enough have the opportunity to join hands with scanlinevfx.

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