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3D World Magazine #109

Posted by 3dnews on September 10, 2008

3D World Magazine issue 109 contains

Cars, planes and trains
Tutorials detailing how to model, rig and render real vehicles for use in games, VFX or print:

Box modelling techniques
Recreate a World War II fighter plane using box modelling techniques, switching subdivision levels on the fly to keep the polygon count low

Modelling in trueSpace
Our disc this month includes trueSpace 7.6 in full. Use the software to model a realistic diesel locomotive. Includes full video walkthrough on the disc

Rigged for the road
Rig an SUV for animation. Complex controls and behaviours of a road vehicle are covered using scripts, expressions and constraints in our masterclass

Creating a flexible workflow
See our tutorial to create your own car commercial by compositing key render passes for use in a workflow geared towards last-minute client changes

Star Wars goes next-gen
LucasArts launches The Force Unleashed, the first games title to benefit from an in-house 3D Engine that combines the power of Havok, euphoria and Digital Molecular Matter

RenderMan notches up two decades
At Siggraph, one of the most extravagant booths was hosted by Pixar to showcase its RenderMan software. We speak to Pixar and Disney Animation president Ed Catmull about what the future holds for the program

Software, models, textures and video training worth $4,464

trueSpace 7.6 Full software (Windows)
Exclusive on CD: The modelling, animation and rendering suite is on the disc, accompanying the train tutorial in the magazine

Gnomon Workshop video training
A self-contained 26-minute excerpt from the Vehicle Modelling for Production video

Digimation car model As sold for $3,495
A Chevrolet Tahoe model, digitised by hand in OBJ format

3dO2 transport models As sold for $444
Giant truck and CRJ 900 airplane models, with textures made for both 3ds Max and V-Ray

Turbo Squid vehicle models As sold for $456
Selection of models including cars, a helicopter, a tank and a pushbike in various file formats

Texturama maps As sold for $40
Characters, poses, morphs and textures for Poser figures

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