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Cloth Simulation Plugins for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on September 11, 2008



Cloth simulation is a very big need for the 3d modelers for creating Curtains, Clothes, Bedspreads and more..

Well 3ds max has it own native Cloth modifier which allows you to create and stitch garments and allows you to simulate a variety of different bed covers, curtains, clothes etc. Apart from 3ds max’s cloth modifier there are several other plugins which allow you to do the same and all have there own unique features.

SimCloth : A Free cloth simulation Plugin for 3ds max 7,8,9,2009

ClothFX : An excellent Cloth Plugin distributed/Sold by Turbosquid and it is supposed to do really fast Cloth simulations.

SyFlex : Basically a Maya plugin now ported for 3ds max 9 also and seems that it is very capable too.

ClothReyes : The good old Cloth simulator…very popular plugin during the 3ds max 3,4,5,6 ..and it seems the Reyes is not interested in releasing the newer versions.

Download Free Curtain Model from Mr.Furniture

Curtain / Drape Tutorial in 3ds max

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