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Motiva Colimo 1.4 is out

Posted by 3dnews on April 18, 2012

motiva colimo

COLIMO is a postproduction tool, that was designed with the primary target of changing scenes after the rendering process. This application is not the same than Motiva SOAP, it is his big brother.

CHANGE LIGHTS, COLORS AND TEXTURES using prerendered images as base. You can change colors and textures and his influence over the whole scene including raytraced reflections, refractions and GI bleeding. For better comprenhension visit the Videos & DEMO section.

RENDERER ENGINE INDEPENDENT It don’t handles real 3D data, 3D meshes are not needed anymore, you can share your project without share your meshes! It only takes some pre-rendered images and some passes of our (fast) Modo 501 pass or MR special shader.

FULLY GPU ACCELERATED All the process is made in your GPU through 32 bit internal buffers using the size of the viewport, but your images can be saved in full input size.

The New Features Include :

– RealCamera+ feature added
– Position of each panel is restored
– New file format for saved states
– Several improvements in state manager
– Threaded (faster and smoother) file loading


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