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Lumion 2.2 update

Posted by 3dnews on May 10, 2012


Act-3D’s real-time architectural visualization software Lumion 2.2 updated which includes:

– Stand-alone viewer output
– Improved wet effect for Lumion terrain
– New high quality characters with bump and specular maps, the animations of people and animals are also smoother
– New video and color effects – lens distortion, chromatic aberrations, white balance and selective saturation
– New contrail effects – makes your sky come to life with moving contrails, useful for urban scenes
– Export of depth maps and renderings without the sky – you can now export your movie and still image of depth maps, normal maps and renderings with sky alpha image for post-processing and video compositing purposes
– Advanced movie export – custom frame rates and movie resolutions (supports high resolutions such as WQHD 2560×1440)
– Updated free Revit exporter to Collada

More information and a comparison chart of the features available in the different versions can be found on Lumion’s website.


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