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3ds Max 2013 and 3ds max design Product update 2

Posted by 3dnews on June 7, 2012



There are large number of changes and fixes added in the 3ds max 2013 product update.


– Point Cache files saved from 3ds Max / Design 2013 would not open in previous versions, and Point Cache files from previous versions would not open in 3ds Max / Design 2013. These files now work correctly.
– Using Alt+Tab to go to other programs while moving a key in TrackView no longer leaves the program in a hold state.
– With the Region Key Tool, dragging in negative time caused a program error.  This has been fixed.
– Updating a CAT rig no longer unlinks non-CAT children.


– The Manager and Server now display the Unicode resource string correctly.
– The Monitor, Server, and Manager dialogs now display double-byte job names correctly.

Customer Error Reports (CER):

– There are 25+ CER related fixes in this Product Update.  We have fixed reports in the following areas: Reports related to closing the software, Disconecting Parameter Wires, List controllers, Unicode, Animation Keys, Computing Normals, UI rollouts.


– When creating text via the Text Spline object, the default text is now maintained.
– Text Spline objects did not immediately display when using Save To Previous. They now display correctly. However, some High-ASCII characters may fail to load immediately.
– When the same object was assigned to multiple channels in the Morpher modifier, a program error could occur when resetting. This has been fixed.
– Adding selection-locked objects to hidden or frozen layers now works correctly.
– A memory corruption issue with closing the program while the Render Scene dialog was open has been identified and fixed.
– A program error when opening .max files from previous versions has been fixed.
– The Terrain Compound object failed to create and apply a material with a Vertex Color map when applying to Color By Elevation using the Create Defaults button. This now works correctly.
– A program error on startup related to CUI XML files has been fixed.
– Resizing the Command Panel quickly would cause a program error. This has been fixed.
– The Command Panel now works correctly when minimizing and redocking.
– A common program error on exit was fixed.
– An internal performance problem was identified in TextFile::Seek().This has been fixed.
– Some .max files from previous versions would not open or merge. This has been fixed.


– An update in the code has resolved a program error related to Normals.


– A program error that occurred when creating the Info Center window has been fixed.


– When linking Revit files with multiple views, the Select Revit View dialog now works correctly.
– Ellipse now works correctly when exporting to IGES files.
– The Add Object Name To Material option from Inventor files now works correctly.
– FBX files with Autodesk Materials now load and display correctly.


– The viewport was not displayed correctly when the install path included extended ASCII or double-byte characters. Viewports now work correctly.
– When prompted to save a new MAXScript on a localized OS, the prompt message showed ‘^0^’ for “(Untitled)”. This has been fixed.
– When using the 3ds Max Design Lighting Analysis tool, the Illuminance and Luminance fields on the Parameters rollout now display correctly.
– The Turn To gPoly modifier has now been localized.
– The class name of Deformable gPoly is now translated properly.
– When using multiple ParamBlocks, only the first ParamBlock was being localized in MAXScript. This has been fixed.
– The Egg Spline class, node name, and object name shared the same string entry. This has been fixed.
– CAT Bone is now localized in CATMacroUtilFunction.ms.
– Plug-In Manager descriptions are now localized.


– When using Meters as the system unit the values in exported XML files were 1/1000 of the correct value. This has been fixed.
– Redistributing mass for a dynamic ragdoll now works correctly.
– Applying a dynamic ragdoll on a biped using footstep mode no longer causes a program error.
– Constraint angular spring constants are now properly using force per degree (previously they were using force per radian).
– “Export MassFX Scene” from the simulation menu no longer causes a program error.
– Removing forces from the Multi-Editor now works correctly.
– A MAXScript error no longer occurs when attempting to remove a force in the Multi-Editor when the forces list is empty.
– Starting a simulation at a negative frame now works correctly.
– The Bake and Unbake commands now work from the MassFX Explorer.
– Initial motion section is now disabled if rigidbody is set to Kinematic.
– A memory leak was identified with the MassFX modifier panel redraw. This has been fixed.
– Changing a Biped’s bones to dynamic if ragdoll is kinematic has been fixed.
– Forces now awaken objects from the start if they are in sleep mode.
– Inflation and Vertices parameters would always reset to the default value. This has been fixed.
– Ragdoll bones search edit input was not working. This has been fixed.


– When using getSaveFilename an error would occur if the file name extension was more than three characters long. Now the method supports file name extensions longer than three characters.
– Scripted Custom Attributes are now parsed correctly.
– An issue was identified when calling Quadrify via MAXScript. This has been fixed.
– Scripted material parameters in an XRef material that did not match the material in the current scene would cause a program error. This has been fixed.
– A program error with the PickNodeCallback holding invalid has been fixed.
patch.weld2Verts and patch.weldEdges now work correctly.
– The error message for unsaved scripts referred to the previous script’s file name. This has been fixed.
– When using render() the renderer now respects the safe frame settings.
– The catmuscle() deformertype now returns the expected value.
– An internal CAT code fix was done related to dotNetMethod.

Maya Mode:

– Some machine setups were only able to switch to Maya Mode when running the program in Administration mode. This has been fixed.
– Skin vertices can now be subtracted from a vertex selection.
– The Middle Mouse Button is now supported.

Nitrous viewports:

– Turning on the Backface Culled option caused a Nitrous performance slowdown. This has been fixed.
– Using Hide By Category no longer cause a performance drop.
– Objects that were hidden on save now remain hidden when you reload the file.
– There was a problem displaying a material with a black diffuse color that had a Normal Bump map applied. This has been fixed.


– Using the mental ray and iray renderers, some objects were not blurred when rendering with motion blur. Objects now blur properly.
– The error message for the Job Assignment dialog when Backburner failed to start was unreadable. This has been fixed.
– When rendering via Deadline, there was a file load issue. Deadline now works correctly.
– Tone Mapping now works properly with mental ray Hair.
– Quicksilver was creating files and not removing them. Now it removes temporary files on exit.
– In 32-bit builds of the software, the Quicktime render output path was not being set correctly. This has been fixed.
– When rendering to .psd, the render range options did not display. This has been fixed.


– The Retimer Tool could cause a program error when using Undo. This has been fixed.
– A duplicate Retimer controller could be created when first assigning the controller. This has been fixed.
– The Retimer naming system now conforms to the standard naming convention of the software.
– In Retimer, a minor UI fix was added for the markers.
– Using Save To Previous no longer strips trailing ‘(R0)’ on track names.
– Deleting Retimer when multiple Track Views are open no longer causes a program error.
– Files saved via Save To Previous 2012 no longer open with a retime.dlc error.

Slate Material Editor:

– The Slate material/map browser no longer corrupts .max files when it saves a material library.
– When using the D3D (DirectX) viewport driver, a program error would occur when using ArtToolkit materials. This has been fixed.
– Gradient Ramp material flag labels with long names no longer reload with unreadable characters in the name.

State Sets:

– Compositor and Link now get all State Sets states.
– The Rotation and Transform information from linked Target Cameras is now read correctly.
– The Composite View would refresh multiple times for the creation of each state. This behavior has been fixed.
– Layers in the Composite View can now be dragged to re-order them.
– Resetting 3ds Max when State Sets is minimized no longer causes a program error.
– A situation where State Sets could at times get corrupted in some scenes, and State Sets would not load and could not be reset, has been fixed.

VW Unwrap:

– A program error when using Weld has been identified and fixed.


– When resetting a scene that used a custom background, the background is now completely removed.
– Additional fixes have gone in for cases where DirectX would not respond when unlocking the OS.

Viewport Canvas:

– Launching Viewport Canvas no longer causes a program error.


– Custom Workspaces are now available after restarting the software.
– The Restore To Defaults feature now works correctly.
– Docked Scene Explorer did not display properly in multiple viewport tabs. This has been fixed.
– An issue switching workspaces with hotkeys has been fixed.

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