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Chaos Group Announces V-Ray Application SDK

Posted by 3dnews on June 12, 2012



Chaos Group announces the V-Ray Application SDK: a user-friendly API enabling software developers to integrate and deploy V-Ray’s advanced ray tracing capabilities in third-party applications.

The V-Ray Application SDK reduces development time and expands functionality by leveraging the full power of V-Ray.

This new API is simple and flexible, supporting multiple programming languages including, C, C++, .Net, Java, and Node.js (JavaScript).

Key features include:

• Single image rendering in Production, RT CPU and RT GPU modes

• Multi-threaded processing

• Distributed Rendering across multiple nodes

• Simple classes and interfaces

• Strongly typed structures and events in Java and .Net

• Image rendering using in-process and out-of-process boundaries

• Support for V-Ray’s native .vrscene file format

V-Ray is well-known for achieving photorealism at unparalleled speeds, making it the rendering engine of choice for many CG professionals. Chaos Group is proud to deliver this unique product to the developer community, to serve not only the needs of visual effects and design professionals, but to all industries where advanced ray tracing can be used. The official release of the V-Ray Application SDK will grant access to V-Ray’s optimized core, creating unlimited possibilities for V-Ray integration in third-party Apps,” said Boris Simandoff, V-Ray SDK Product Manager at Chaos Group.

Complete documentation includes sample applications and source code to help developers get started. The V-Ray Application SDK is expected to be available in Q3 2012.

Supported Operating Systems:

• Windows (64-bit)

• Linux (64-bit)

To apply for the V-Ray Application SDK program contact the Chaos Group team at vraysdk@chaosgroup.com

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