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Maxwell Render 2.7 is out

Posted by 3dnews on June 19, 2012

maxwell grass

Improvements / New features

– Grass generator and primitives added
– Support for grass flat primitive in 3rd party hair systems
– Anamorphic bokeh added
– MXS/MXI file compression
– New 3D vector displacement type for RealFlow displacement
– Support for non-bin particles vastly extended
– Added support for the environment variable “MAXWELL2_LICENSE_PATH” to define the folder where the license.txt file is located through an environment variable
– Support for blending materials for Maxwell Mesher fluid simulations

New Network features

– “Send dependencies” option can be unchecked now in Batch mode
– Added a preference to choose the behavior of the application when closing the window (minimize to tray/exit)
– Now the application prevents the system to enter automatically in sleep mode. It is not recommended to manually put the computer in sleep mode while networking, as this can break the communication between the network components


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