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Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Product Update 8

Posted by 3dnews on June 28, 2012

– CAT: When copying and pasting a layer on the rig, the newly pasted layer now contains the keys from the original layer.
– CAT: 32-bit and 64-bit CAT limb “Segments” twist bones were working differently than they did in 3ds Max 2010. This has been fixed.
– CAT: Clips loaded after updating the rig using RG3 now play correctly.
– CAT: Motion clips now save and reload properly.

Customer Error Reports (CER)
There are 19+ CER related fixes in this Product Update. We have fixed reports in the following areas:
– Multiple high-count CERs from legacy defects.
– Program error in menu manager.
– Legacy program error related to creating objects.
– Invalid parameter when comparing strings.
– Computing mesh face angles.
– Program error while the Material Editor is resetting a material.
– Program error in post load call-back for parameter block.
– Program Error in the SME that occurs when saving a file.
– Program Error in mental ray Geometric Object Translator.
– Instability in the function CallPostPBs().
– The Asset Browser notification callback.
– Program error in File Link Manager.
– Program error related to the cache manager.
– Program Error with delay loaded DLLs.
– Program Error trying to access the Brush Preset Manager when using a freeform brush on the Graphite Toolbar.
– Program errors on exit.
– Nitrous generation of object edges.
– Nitrous error related to viewport settings.

– 3ds Max 2011 and prior releases were unable to open some .max files. This has been fixed.


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