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Discover the new features of 3D-Coat 4.0

Posted by 3dnews on April 17, 2013

Pilgway has posted a new video tour of the main toolsets in 3D-Coat, its voxel sculpting and topology package, including some of the tools developed during the open beta of 3D-Coat 4.0.

We rounded up the new features from the start of the open beta period here: notably, the option to paint directly onto voxel sculpts, and LiveClay: a new dynamic tessellation system similar to ZBrush’s DynaMesh.

Since then, VoxLayer and VoxExtrude, which create new geometry from the surface of a model – useful for clothing or armour – have been improved, and there have been updates to the painting and UV mapping tools.


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Two-Day Roller Coaster Ends Delivers L.A. VFX Studio to Indian Owners

Posted by 3dnews on April 3, 2013


After a see-saw auction that lasted most of two days and nights, a holding company connected to Prana Studios has agreed in principle to acquire bankrupt visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues.

Prana is a visual effects and animation studio with offices in Los Angeles and India. It was founded as an American company but does much of its animation production through an Indian subsidiary.

Prana appeared to be out of the auction Wednesday afternoon but re-entered the bidding following a continuance in the proceedings Thursday. Prana has solid relationships with the majors, as it does animation for studio features. Its credits include “Hoodwinked” for the Weinstein Co. and the upcoming “Planes” for Disney.

The auction turned out to be a difficult and drawn-out process. Early on in the process, Psyop and a Taiwanese bidder with ties to electronics manufacturer Foxconn could not or would not show proof of financing, and were eliminated. Three bidders remained: Prana, Prime Focus and Brave Vision, a Chinese company led by Jiang Yanming, a founder of vfx & post facility Technicolor Beijing, and co-founder, president and largest shareholder of China Lion.

Prana was the next to fall out, it seemed, and Prime Focus and China Lion continued the auction into the night. At around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday it appeared Jiang’s bid had won, but then the auction resumed and continued until 2:00 a.m. Thursday, then broke until late morning.

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Creating Game Characters using 3ds max and zbrush

Posted by 3dnews on July 2, 2012



3D Artist Fabricio Moreas from digitaltutors has released a new tutorial which teaches you to develop highly detailed gaming 3d characters in Zbrush from a 3D sketch based on the character’s concept art. The tutorial teaches you completely from scratch and then along the way it also teaches you to apply uvs and create texture maps using 3ds max. After you complete going through the tutorial you will have a perfect understanding of the workflow that is required to create the highly detailed game character


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DrapeFX tutorial videos added on youtube

Posted by 3dnews on August 3, 2010

from MrCAD

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Modern House Rendering Challenge

Posted by 3dnews on September 4, 2008

3D Allusions announces the winners of the “Modern House Rendering Challenge” which was sponsored by Got3d. The above 3D Render was the Winner in the challenge. Check out the runnerup and rest of the competition.

Read More…

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CyberGirl : Modeling the 3D Female Form workshop

Posted by 3dnews on September 3, 2008

The very well known Maya Artist Steven Stahlberg is back to repeat his highly popular modeling the Cybergirl workshop. In this class, students will cover the basic elements required to model, texture and accessorize the female form in 3D. The course will cover referencing, anatomy, polygonal framing, topology, modeling, texturing, workflow, accessorizing and joint deformation.

You can Enroll here>>

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Free 3D Models and 3D Textures

Posted by 3dnews on August 26, 2008

3d render interior lightscape

3d render interior lightscape

A wide range of 3D Furnitures and Textures available both commercially and Free 3D Models to download in .3ds / .max file formats. Mr.Furniture has one of the largest Furniture collection for all sorts of Interior Rendering needs…Plus a wide range of Designer Furniture from leading Furniture designers around the globe…So do check them out

Free 3D Models and Free 3D Textures

Mr Furniture 3D Models

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