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Two-Day Roller Coaster Ends Delivers L.A. VFX Studio to Indian Owners

Posted by 3dnews on April 3, 2013


After a see-saw auction that lasted most of two days and nights, a holding company connected to Prana Studios has agreed in principle to acquire bankrupt visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues.

Prana is a visual effects and animation studio with offices in Los Angeles and India. It was founded as an American company but does much of its animation production through an Indian subsidiary.

Prana appeared to be out of the auction Wednesday afternoon but re-entered the bidding following a continuance in the proceedings Thursday. Prana has solid relationships with the majors, as it does animation for studio features. Its credits include “Hoodwinked” for the Weinstein Co. and the upcoming “Planes” for Disney.

The auction turned out to be a difficult and drawn-out process. Early on in the process, Psyop and a Taiwanese bidder with ties to electronics manufacturer Foxconn could not or would not show proof of financing, and were eliminated. Three bidders remained: Prana, Prime Focus and Brave Vision, a Chinese company led by Jiang Yanming, a founder of vfx & post facility Technicolor Beijing, and co-founder, president and largest shareholder of China Lion.

Prana was the next to fall out, it seemed, and Prime Focus and China Lion continued the auction into the night. At around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday it appeared Jiang’s bid had won, but then the auction resumed and continued until 2:00 a.m. Thursday, then broke until late morning.


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WRATH OF THE TITANS: Gary Brozenich – VFX Supervisor – MPC

Posted by 3dnews on April 25, 2012


Learn more from the interview from VFX supervisor of WRATH OF THE TITANS…

See what he has to say about the complexities involved and the learn how Gary started his own VFX carreer. Gary spent around 15 months on this film and completed about 280 shots but worked on close to 350 shots.Gary is working on Gore Verbinskies new film THE LONE RANGER which he is pretty exicited about and is great to work for such a talented director who uses the VFX medium so well.

Read More : http://www.artofvfx.com/?p=2491

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Create Cityscape with Architools 3d

Posted by 3dnews on April 9, 2012

3d cityscape

A new plugin for 3ds max that allows you to generate cities with a few clicks.

Read More……


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Bonyface 3.0 released facial animation plugin for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on March 20, 2012

bonyface 3

ScriptAttack announced the release of BonyFace 3.0 Basic, the latest version of its free script for rigging and animating facial expressions. New features include:

– Improved rig for eyes, mouth and jaw
– You can move the center of eyelid bones at any time
– You can rotate the jaw
– Added button to move controls back to original positions
– Added checkbox to reuse old skin for body or not
– Buttons to hide/show geometry and eye controls were added on BF toolbar
– BVH importer is available now as basic tool, buttons to import/remove bvh-model were added on BF toolbar

The release of the extended, commercial version of BonyFace 3.0 is expected soon.


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Vray turns 10 years old

Posted by 3dnews on March 14, 2012

Today the Vray team reaches an important milestone. Ten years ago on this day Chaos Group’s founders Vlado and Peter released the first version of V-Ray – the renderer that revolutionized the CG industry with its speed, precision and amazing photorealism.

Happy B’day to all Vray Users and the Vray Team as well


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Film 2012 : Job Posts for 3ds max users at ScanlineVFX

Posted by 3dnews on August 28, 2008

2012 scanlinevfx

2012 scanlinevfx

There are several open posts available for 3ds max expert users at ScanlineVFX LA for Roland Emmerich’s “2012” new special effects film. Below are the available posts

CG Supervisors
Compositing Supervisor
Senior Effects TD’s
Junior Effects TD’s

Matte Painter
Generalist Technical Director
Senior Compositor
Junior Compositor
Environmental Modelor
Tech Animators
Pipeline Developer
Systems Administrator
I/O Coordinators
Render Wrangler

ScanlineVFX has produced the cutting edge Special effect films such as 300, Narnia: Prince Caspian, Ironman, Invasion and Poseidon.. so for those who are talented enough have the opportunity to join hands with scanlinevfx.

Read more..

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