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Indigo Renderer 3.4 released

Posted by 3dnews on November 7, 2012


indigo renderer

Glare Technologies released its new version of Indigo Renderer 3.4 ..The new features include

– A new native 3ds max plugin integration
– Its ability to render with section planes and the new orthographic camera has been included for architectural purposes
– Improve in speed with much less grains produced now
– IES support has been improved

You can get a discounted price until november 23rd 2012

Read More : http://www.indigorenderer.com/threepointfour


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EZCloth 2013 for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on November 1, 2012

ezcloth 2013

EZCloth 2013 is a 3ds max plugin for cloth simulation.

Quick and Efficient Way to Create Cloth Animation

High quality 3D game characters usually require highly detailed secondary motions such as cloth, hair, accessories, etc. However ezCloth can create such secondary motions easily just with a few clicks on existing character models. In addition to this, ezCloth can convert any skinned polygon meshes into dynamic objects and smoothly generate physics based motion of the skinned mesh with exceptional collision handling technology between meshes. The generated motion is baked into bone rotations, so it makes ezCloth possible to replace the time consuming key frame animation with automated simulation instead of such secondary animations without any modifications on existing skinned characters with bones.

Read More : http://www.qualoth.com

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NVIDIA R306.63 Beta OpenGL 4.3 Graphics Drivers

Posted by 3dnews on October 2, 2012



The creator of GeForce cards has released a new set of OpenGL 4.3 graphics drivers in beta version for developers. To play with OpenGL 4.3, a GeForce 400 / 500 / 600 series is required.

Desktop Downloads

Notebook Downloads


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Back to the future :Looper

Posted by 3dnews on October 1, 2012



FXGuide have posted a behind the scenes look at some of the effects created for the recently released film, Looper. Most notably, are the effects created by Atomic Fiction and Scanline Munich, which both used 3DS Max, Vray, Photoshop and Nuke to create various elements of the film.


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iray Next & Dispersive Caustics

Posted by 3dnews on September 22, 2012

Iray Render

Iray Render

Developers at the NVidia Advanced Rendering Center provide another sneak peek at features they’re developing for Iray. In the Latest tests you can see the improvements in Iray Dispersive Caustics…We all can’t wait for the new updates coming soon in the GPU Iray renderer.


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Lumion 3.0 preview from Act-3D

Posted by 3dnews on September 13, 2012

Lumion 3.0

Take a Sneak Peek of Lumion 3.0 due this November from Act-3D. Act-3D posted some videos which shows you how well they integrated the 3D based Cloud system in Lumion 3.0. You can now fly through the Clouds in realtime..apart from that realtime shadows from the clouds on the scene can be seen. The Clouds look more realistic now in Lumion 3.0


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Archmodels Vol. 116 is out

Posted by 3dnews on September 12, 2012

Archmodels Vol. 116

Archmodels vol. 116 includes 25 sets and 87 visualization puzzles of lawns, fences, benches, gates, pavements and more for exterior renders. All models are ready to use with textures and shaders. The Archmodels 116 collection includes various 3d file formats..such .max, c4d, fbx, Mental Ray (max), Vray (max), Advanced Render (c4d), Vray (c4d), Cinema4d (R11.5 or higher). Feel Free to Download the .pdf catalogue and check out the images.


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Arion 2.0 and Max live released

Posted by 3dnews on August 29, 2012

arion maxlive
released its new plugin Max Live..with MaxLive you can use the power of Arion’s CPU+GPU performance and physical based rendering within 3ds max. You can render directly stills or animation within 3ds max with MaxLive. 


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30% discount on all AXYZ products

Posted by 3dnews on August 23, 2012

CGriver.com is offering 30% discount on all AXYZ design products including collections and single items. To get your discount use the coupon code AZ30 while checkout. This discount is also applicable for their plugin Anima for 3ds max. There are a wide range of rigged characters and Cars. Grab the opportunity for your work.


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Creating Game Characters using 3ds max and zbrush

Posted by 3dnews on July 2, 2012



3D Artist Fabricio Moreas from digitaltutors has released a new tutorial which teaches you to develop highly detailed gaming 3d characters in Zbrush from a 3D sketch based on the character’s concept art. The tutorial teaches you completely from scratch and then along the way it also teaches you to apply uvs and create texture maps using 3ds max. After you complete going through the tutorial you will have a perfect understanding of the workflow that is required to create the highly detailed game character


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