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Free cat Family Model

Posted by 3dnews on May 11, 2015

cat-family 3d
Fully controllable poly mesh for making the member of the CAT family. Like Lion, Tiger, cheetah, leopard and more..

The CAT-family is a symmtery model so you will be able to see only the half of it. You will be able to see the sliders such as ‘Head Scale’, ‘Neck’, ‘Head Rotate’, ‘Front thigh’, ‘Rear Thigh’ and many more..which are all controllable for changing the size. Total of 14 sliders are added to the model. Once you finish the changes you can then mirror the mesh (without meshsmooth) and remember to weld the tail which is seperate. Well most of the users would know how to work with the polygon mesh.

This is a 3ds Max Model

cat family

Download Here


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Free Waterfall Model for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on August 7, 2010

Waterfall 3ds max

Download a free Waterfall model for 3ds max 2009

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