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Posted by 3dnews on October 5, 2010

Typical of true Italian furniture fashion where space is at a premium, this stylish yet practical sofa bed lets you turn your living room, home office or den into an extra bedroom when overnight guests drop in. The Jack sofa beds by Italian furniture brand Milano make entertaining a breeze, and with accommodations like these your guests will never want to leave! Choose from three versatile furniture styles – the sofa, chaise lounge and bed, complete with a slatted base, headboard and footboard, single or double drawers. Check out these versatile, practical sofa beds


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Posted by 3dnews on September 4, 2009


Is this a freaky alien creature, or a mutated spider? Whatever it is , its certainly radically different from any Furniture that we have seen. Named as the Spider Phoebe emanating from Limitless Furniture, this is one crazy Home Office Furniture.

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Posted by 3dnews on August 19, 2009


Project COMMUNITY SOFA is all about having fun, playing. This innovative Sofa makes community of people closer to each other. This project is about to bring together friends, colleges, families together and encourage familiarity and closeness. We can change lounge places in work a bit, with places for communication and relax. This designer Sofa System can be used as VIP places in the bars, restaurants and function as meeting points or as an excellent Home Office Furniture.

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Home Office Designer Furniture

Posted by 3dnews on June 16, 2009

Home Office Designer Furniture

Home Office Designer Furniture

Check out the Collection of Home Office Designer Furniture. These are a collection of 3d models for your home office rendering scenes.  3D Home Office Designer Furniture contains 50 3D Home Office Designer Furniture of medium resolution quality from well-known furniture designers like Gerrit Reitveld, CRM, Mies van der Rohe, Charles Eames, Frank Gehry and more

Home Office Designer Furniture Collection..

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Posted by 3dnews on November 10, 2008


If you are someone who spends long hours in front of your desk or computer at your home office, this is the best piece of home office furniture money can buy. Long sternous hours can be a big strain on your back leading to major medical complications. What sets the “Verté Seating Office Chair” apart from other office chairs is that it boasts 11 separate sections that “are actually torsion spring-loaded bearing joints, capable of taking an exact impression of your spine” thereby bettering the posture and the support of your back.

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Posted by 3dnews on October 5, 2008

An office which literally rolls :). A truly multifunctional home office furniture that actually follows you everywhere. Shaped in handy manner and elegance in design, this really avoids all the clutter and aids people who are workaholics who just dont seem to leave their laptops behind. For more go to Home Office Furniture

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