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ATree3D free Tree Generator Script for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on April 9, 2013


ATree3D is simple to use 3D plants generator for architectural visualizations. With this script for 3ds max you can create endless types of trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers or grass. You can use it for low or high polygon models with precise control of the level of details on each sub-element. Script works inside the 3ds max viewport and show instant preview of your changes.

Download 3D plant Generator for 3ds MAX

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XRayCAT 1.0 released for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on March 29, 2013



Raylight have announced that their set of script XRrayCAT 1.0 aimed at improving and speeding up working with CAT are now available for purchase from their website. The scripts improve main aspects of CAT including rig creation, managing CAT layers, working with poses, etc. More on Raylight’s website. Additionally, Raylight have updated their XRayunwrap UV unwrapping plugin and XrayBlendSkin dual quaternion skinning plugin to work with Max 2012 and 2013 in 32/64 bit versions.


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Indigo Renderer 3.4 released

Posted by 3dnews on November 7, 2012


indigo renderer

Glare Technologies released its new version of Indigo Renderer 3.4 ..The new features include

– A new native 3ds max plugin integration
– Its ability to render with section planes and the new orthographic camera has been included for architectural purposes
– Improve in speed with much less grains produced now
– IES support has been improved

You can get a discounted price until november 23rd 2012

Read More : http://www.indigorenderer.com/threepointfour

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EZCloth 2013 for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on November 1, 2012

ezcloth 2013

EZCloth 2013 is a 3ds max plugin for cloth simulation.

Quick and Efficient Way to Create Cloth Animation

High quality 3D game characters usually require highly detailed secondary motions such as cloth, hair, accessories, etc. However ezCloth can create such secondary motions easily just with a few clicks on existing character models. In addition to this, ezCloth can convert any skinned polygon meshes into dynamic objects and smoothly generate physics based motion of the skinned mesh with exceptional collision handling technology between meshes. The generated motion is baked into bone rotations, so it makes ezCloth possible to replace the time consuming key frame animation with automated simulation instead of such secondary animations without any modifications on existing skinned characters with bones.

Read More : http://www.qualoth.com

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Back to the future :Looper

Posted by 3dnews on October 1, 2012



FXGuide have posted a behind the scenes look at some of the effects created for the recently released film, Looper. Most notably, are the effects created by Atomic Fiction and Scanline Munich, which both used 3DS Max, Vray, Photoshop and Nuke to create various elements of the film.


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Arion 2.0 and Max live released

Posted by 3dnews on August 29, 2012

arion maxlive
released its new plugin Max Live..with MaxLive you can use the power of Arion’s CPU+GPU performance and physical based rendering within 3ds max. You can render directly stills or animation within 3ds max with MaxLive. 


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Forest Pack Pro 3.9.2 from ItooSoft

Posted by 3dnews on June 21, 2012

New Features available in Forest Pack Pro 3.9.2 :

– “Bound Checking” now is local for each area.
– Added “Falloff->Invert Curve”. Flips the values of the falloff curves.
– Added “Object->Scale”. Scales the geometry of the referenced object in the Object Areas.
– New type of Area: Forest. Lets you to use a Forest object as Exclude area. There are two modes to compute the excluding region:
. Sphere. Uses a virtual bounding-sphere that surrounds each item. The size of the sphere may be scaled using the “Scale” parameter of the area, or modifying the “Collision Radius” parameter in the Geometry List of the excluding Forest.
. Mesh: Uses the full geometry of each item. This mode may be slower, specially using heavy geometries, but more precise.

Tree Editor
– The items on Custom Edit mode are rescaled when the Geometry List is modified.
– The parameters “Tree Editor->Width/Height” are not longer needed and has been removed. If you need to set the size for specific items, select and scale them using the Max tools.
– “Tree Editor->Creation Tools->Reference by Areas” was obsolete with the UV Surfaces and has been removed.
– “Tree Editor->Properties->Geometry ID” selector is replaced by a combo list.

– Animation maps.
– Added Probability Curves for Rotation/Scale. Lets you to define the probability of each value in the range (X = Min/Max range, Y: 0-100% probability).
– Improved creation window: now it is possible to select the models from the library before creating.
– The version used to create/edit the Forest object is accessible by Maxscript with the “savedversion” property. This value is updated when saving.
– “Geometry->Get Size From library” is changed to a global value and enabled by default.
– “Forest Color->Range” is renamed to “Random Strength”. Default value is set to 100%.
– “Camera->Limit to Visibility” is disabled by default. In case that large areas are used, Forest displays a suggestion recommending enable this option.
– “Camera->Back Offset” is set by default to 10m.
– The Forest icon (“F” sign) is drawn where there are not visible items in the distribution.
– The installer now supports unattended installation. Use /? in the setup program to see the parameters.
– Max 2013 support.

Known issues: The plugin doesn’t work properly with MentalRay distributed rendering in Max 2013. This problem is already reported to Autodesk and we are waiting a fix. This issue does NOT affect to local rendering or Backburner.


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Maxwell Render 2.7 is out

Posted by 3dnews on June 19, 2012

maxwell grass

Improvements / New features

– Grass generator and primitives added
– Support for grass flat primitive in 3rd party hair systems
– Anamorphic bokeh added
– MXS/MXI file compression
– New 3D vector displacement type for RealFlow displacement
– Support for non-bin particles vastly extended
– Added support for the environment variable “MAXWELL2_LICENSE_PATH” to define the folder where the license.txt file is located through an environment variable
– Support for blending materials for Maxwell Mesher fluid simulations

New Network features

– “Send dependencies” option can be unchecked now in Batch mode
– Added a preference to choose the behavior of the application when closing the window (minimize to tray/exit)
– Now the application prevents the system to enter automatically in sleep mode. It is not recommended to manually put the computer in sleep mode while networking, as this can break the communication between the network components


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BookScatter for 3ds max

Posted by 3dnews on June 2, 2012



A simple Maxscript for 3ds max which helps you scatter books in a way they look natural..The script is easy and saves you tremendeous time. Doing this manually will take you loads of time.

3 simple steps

1. Load your books 3d models (the more the better) and align them in the viewport so that you can see their side with the title from the front view.

2. Select the books and press the Fix button on BookScatter. That realigns the books pivot point so that its easier for the script to scatter them correctly on the next step.

3. After you fix the pivot point choose how many shelves you want vertically and horizontally (in the example above i had used 8 and 8) length and gap settings as long as the randomization options. Then select the book models and press run to see the results. The script will try to fill the shelves length with as many books it can based on the shelve length and the book size. So do not try to scatter a book that its side is 50 cm in a shelve that is 30 cm, pay attention to your system and models units in order to see correct results.


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Turboreverse for 3dsmax plugin

Posted by 3dnews on April 26, 2012


Marius Silaghi released his new plugin TurboReverse for 3ds max. This plugin does completely opposite of 3ds max native Turbosmooth.  The TurboReverse plugin recreates the subdivision levels of of a high poly mesh. Its one of the best plugins available to make a high poly to low poly mesh keeping your existing UVs intact. The new features available in the plugin are

– 100 times faster thanks to being a native plugin
– Ability to reverse just parts of your models based on your selection
– It can reverse multiple iterations at a time

Read More :

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